it is sweet , and a LiTtle sour ....




Apr 19, 14

twikkid mystak

Apr 10, 14
she could not stop staring at the tree

she could not stop staring at the tree

Apr 09, 14


Mar 27, 14

today were so cold i wore velvet dress w 3  pairs  sweatpants 

today were so cold that later i wore sparkles

today i airbrushed that 1 for kelley 

today the last thing i heard was to learn good nite in arabic tubi ala kaya

good nite in a new language every day for the rest of my living days sounds ok !!!!

Mar 25, 14

Mar 24, 14

a 1 humans cup = 8 ounces

Mar 22, 14

Mar 19, 14


u python- ur paaralyzed u ate a big meal
now u can’t slither away
u just gotta sit there see how it feelz
cuz u gotta ricsk it u gotta wait

sumthin might get you
if that’s meant tobe
u python u’ll be ok

cuz .////\ where hell ends—-heaven begins

Mar 17, 14
≈in≈A≈relationship≈ xXwithXs ÷370÷

≈in≈A≈relationship≈ xXwithXs ÷370÷

Mar 16, 14